Is VisualText and NLP++ Open Source?
Yes, as of June 2018, VisualText and NLP++ source code is open source.
Is VisualText and NLP++ free to use?
Yes! You can use this technology as much as you like for internal or personal use. As for June 2018, the code is now open source.
What is VisualText?
VisualText is an IDE made specifically to design, write, and debug text analyzers using NLP++ and Conceptual Grammar. It increases text analyzer building by up to 10 times.
What is NLP++
NLP++ is a computer language to efficiently and intuitively write text analyzers.
What is the Conceptual Grammar?
The Conceptual Grammar is a hierarchical knowledge base that is used in VisualText analyzers and is used as a knowledge base for NLP++.
Does the IDE work on other platforms?
No. Currently it only works on windows but we are looking into writing an extension to VSCode which works on all platforms.

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