Programming Together for Over 25 Years

Amnon Meyers and David de Hilster met in 1990, working together at the Artificial Intelligence lab of McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) in Huntington Beach, California. Amnon was working on LISP machines (specialized AI computers) developing VOX, an extensible natural language processing system, and David reengineered the code in the C++ programming language. That is when text-based analysis and hierarchical knowledge bases merged with multi-pass pattern matching, and when a pioneering Natural Language Engineering partnership was launched.

Amnon and David developed robust and accurate text analytic systems that were quick and easy to customize, and showcased these at the Message Understanding Conference (MUC) sponsored by DARPA throughout the 1990s. The dynamic duo placed 3rd overall (MUC-3 scoring as finalized in MUC-4) having only spent 3 months on the project, while competitors poured man-years into their efforts.

In 1998, Amnon helped found Text Analysis International, joined by David soon after. The two engineered NLP++, Conceptual Grammar, Automated Rule Generation (RUG), and a multi-pass NLP framework into a development platform, dubbed VisualText. For more than 15 years, TAI has been working with companies world-wide to supply text analytics.

NLP++ is text-based, just like HTML, PHP, and Perl, and supports feedback among all phases of text analysis (lexical, syntax, meaning, html, etc). The modular, pass-by-pass analysis framework of NLP++ yields efficient and accurate text analytics, readily maintained and enhanced by programmers, even without formal linguistic and NLP training.

Amnon Meyers

Amnon Meyers

Amnon has more than threedecades of cutting-edge experience in the area of natural language processing, leading the creation of innovative systems and approaches in aerospace and in the university. He is the creator of NLP++ and the Conceptual Grammar – the two components of the NLP Cloud that make it so powerful. MS Computer Science UC Berkeley, MS Organic Chemistry UC Berkeley, BS Biology MIT. Eleven years in aerospace NLP R&D(McDonnell Douglas & TRW). Five years at UC Irvine AI Lab on DARPA/Navy projects.

David de Hilster

David de Hilster

Before joining the company, David worked as a senior engineer/scientist for I-Search, TRW, McDonnell Douglas, and Battelle Memorial Institute where he developed practical NLP tool kits and systems. David holds a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Linguistics from Ohio State University. David is responsible bringing VisualText to the cloud and creating the pass-by-pass pattern matching system and automatic rule generation. David is also a scientist, artist, and musician who has his own YouTube Channel and has published a book on a new model for the universe with his father.

Now Open Source

And now, VisualText and NLP++ is open source whose code can be found at

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