Is VisualText and NLP++ Open Source?
Yes, as of December 2018, VisualText and NLP++ source code is open source.
Is VisualText and NLP++ free to use?
Yes! You can use this technology as much as you like for internal or personal use. As for December 2018, the code is now open source.
What is VisualText?
VisualText is an IDE made specifically to design, write, and debug text analyzers using NLP++ and Conceptual Grammar. It increases text analyzer building by up to 10 times.
What is NLP++
NLP++ is a computer language to efficiently and intuitively write text analyzers.
What is the Conceptual Grammar?
The Conceptual Grammar is a hierarchical knowledge base that is used in VisualText analyzers and is used as a knowledge base for NLP++.
Does the IDE work on other platforms?
Yes, there is an beta version of an NLP Language Extension for VSCode found in our repository.
Difference Between Machine Learning and NLP++
The limits of ML for NLP is due to the realty that linguistic knowledge and world-knowledge in our brains take anywhere from 4-14 years (depending on the language) to learn. Thinking that layers of neurons or statistical algorithms looking at millions of texts will solve this is not going to happen. If we build robots with brains, we still have to teach them language and everything about the world around them. It is a complex and changing thing that is intimately linked to our world model in our heads. The best way currently to write text analyzers that mimic what humans do is to think about a specific NLP task, find out what we need as humans to do it (the most efficient way), and then encode it. That is why NLP++ is so valuable in my opinion. It allows for the direct coding of human knowledge and processing to do each specific task, thus circumventing the need to create an “all-linguistic”, “all-knowing” program – something statistics and neural networks cannot mimic on their own.

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