VisualText , NLP++ and the Conceptual Grammar are open source projects that were developed to create a programming language and IDE specifically for the purpose of quickly creating accurate, robust, and extensible text analyzers.


VisualText and NLP++ was developed by Text Analysis International, Inc. (TextAI) and was founded in 1998 to bring to market a new and pragmatic approach for analyzing electronic text. TextAI was a privately held software development company poised to take advantage of the surging demand for effective text analysis solutions with its groundbreaking VisualText® core product.

The precursors of the technology was used in the DARPA funded Message Understanding Conferences (MUC) in the early 1990s where the technology took third place with only 3 man months of work competing against the top NLP technologies which put in made years into the same endeavor.

The technology has been used by such companies as IBM in England and NASDAQ stock exchange. It has been used by commercial companies to extract information about medical devices and ship information and has been coupled with OCR engines to greatly enhance OCR processing. It is currently running text analyzers on three counties in the United States extracting information that is normally done by hundreds of human readers entering data into a database.

TextAI was dissolved in 2018 and its architects Amnon Meyers and David de Hilster made it open source.