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Here you will find links to papers and abstracts by the NLP++, Conceptual Grammar, and VisualText architects, Amnon Meyers, and David de Hilster.

Papers by Amnon Meyers – 1980s

Papers by David de Hilster – 1980s

MUC: Message Understanding Conferences – 1991-1992

The Message Understanding Conferences (MUC) for computing and computer science, were initiated and financed by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to encourage the development of new and better methods of information extraction. The character of this competition, many concurrent research teams competing against one another—required the development of standards for evaluation, e.g. the adoption of metrics like precision and recall.

Authors Amnon Meyers and David de Hilster participated in 1991 and 1992 with Amnon Meyers being instrumental in helping coordinate these first conferences. Motivated by the VOX system, DARPA and Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC) launched the MUC series of workshops.

Other Papers