Version 1 of VSCode NLP++ Extension Released

NLP Engine Now Included

Version one of the VSCode Language Extension for NLP++ has been released in the VisualStudio Marketplace that now comes with the NLP Engine built it – no separate installation is needed. Simply install the extension and you are ready to go.

Replaces VisualText

Having all the functionality of VisualText, the new VSCode NLP++ Extension allows users to develop NLP++ analyzers on Windows, Linux, and Macs using one of the most popular code editors today.

And now with version one, it comes with the NLP Engine built in for all three platforms.

Installing And Running on Windows, Linux, and Mac

To run the NLP++ Language Extension on Windows, you to:

  1. Install VSCode onto windows, linux or mac.
  2. Click on the “NLP++” logo on the left hand side and the extension will then copy the correct nlp engine executable to the top level of the nlp engine folder which is now a subdirectory of the VSCode NLP language extension.

Loading and Running Example Analyzers

Here is a video of how you load and run the example analyzers including the full English parser:

Screen shot from the VSCode Language Extension for NLP++

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