VisualText IDE

Even though all NLP++ analyzers are 100% text files, the only way to quickly develop NLP++ is using VisualText. The IDE is so intuitive, that many non-programmers become quickly skilled at writing text analyzers.

VisualText 2 IDE

The VisualText® IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is an interface that allows anyone who can read and understand a human language to create text analyzers that process free-form text. Whether you are a programmer, linguistics major, or are simply interested in writing programs that can analyze text, the VisualText® integrated development environment is for you.

It includes a place for texts to process, an intuitive step-by-step sequence of passes, a knowledge base, and debugging tools that allow you to examine an analyzer and know exactly what it is doing at each step.

VisualText 3 IDE

Version three is now available to use. It features a better editor as well as and updated interface.

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