VisualText Makes Impossible Possible

This happens to every programmer and more often than they realize:

You have a text file you need to process and you know the logic needed to do the task. But writing regular expressions or computer code would take too much time. And with time at a premium, you deem the task impossible and go on. Opportunity missed…”

Any programmer in the world

With VisualText in your toolkit, you can tackle what were impossible text processing tasks in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

Here are some of the common tasks programmers use VisualText and NLP++:

  • Tagging documents
  • Data extraction from semi-structured data
  • Entity extraction
  • Sentiment analysis
  • OCR Cleanup
  • Information extraction from medical, legal, business, real estate documents
  • Part of speech tagging
  • Resume processing
  • Pretty-printing computer code
  • Documenting computer code
  • Document analysis

Here is why every programmer on the planet should have VisualText in their toolkit:

  • VisualText allows the fastest prototyping of text analyzers on the planet
  • VisualText analyzers are 100% text files that can be maintained and updated by version control systems like github
  • VisualText analyzers are intuitive with no adhoc code needed and therefore easily built and maintained
  • VisualText can tackle problems currently deemed impossible by programmers
  • VisualText can be used to write quick text processing tasks, or full-blown natural language processors
  • VisualText text analyzers are conceptually or algorithmically robust
  • VisualText can be compiled to run even faster
  • VisualText is free to use (see our licensing agreement)

Download your free copy of VisualText today! If you are a programmer using it for internal processing of documents, it is free to use – forever! (See our licensing agreement)

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